• Shieldtox Outdoor Aerosol 350ml

Shieldtox Outdoor Aerosol 350ml

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Outdoor Use:
To provide good barrier protection, spray around the house perimeter, under eaves, under window frames, behind pipes and anywhere else that insects are known to be hiding.
For best results spray onto sheltered outdoor surfaces and areas protected from rain and sunlight in the still of the morning or evening.
One 350 g can is sufficient for outdoor protection of an average home.
Put on the rubber gloves while using this product because this product contains deltamethrin which can cause irritation on skin.
Cockroaches-Spray around door areas, air vents, cracks & crevices, and other entry point.
Ants-Spray around and in garbage bins, food disposal areas, ants nests and points of entry into thehouse.
Weight 350ml
What's in the box 1 x Shieldtox Outdoor Aerosol 350ml